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Born May 10th, 1976 in Birmingham, AL, Greg A. Wilson is the oldest of three children born to the union of Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Wilson. After high school, Greg spent a brief period of time in the U.S. Army. Greg returned to Birmingham where he attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham and graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a focus in Small Business and Entrepreneurship.


In 2002, Greg moved to Columbus, GA where he launched his first business, Wilson Communications. The launch of this particular business paved the way for additional business ventures which included Dreamscape Media Group, a web development and digital marketing company and Connections Small Business Journal, an online and print publication which focuses on topics that are relevant to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Each of these two businesses have been a major success for Greg with Connections Small Business Journal reaching an international audience. His experience in small business, marketing, and social media, has led Greg to be a consultant for higher education clients and other profit and non-profit clients across the southeast.

Through his newspaper, Greg has ventured into both TV and internet radio with his podcast which currently streams on iHeartRadio. Greg encourages, connects and empowers small business owners and entrepreneurs across the United States through guest speaking appearances, his newspaper, and networking events. His love for small business and entrepreneurship is displayed in all that he does. His motto in life has become “What Closed Doors?”.

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